Reaching Across the Gender Aisle

Alaska Festival Cruise Lineup Announced

What sets Pride of the Ocean apart from the all-male and all-female cruise ships? Pride of the Ocean is the only cruise where our gaylesbiantransgender and straight ally brothers and sisters can spend time together, enjoying  each other’s good company while sharing exciting destinations and inspired films that celebrate the masculinefeminine and full spectrum of gender expression between them.

Celebrating diversity of all shapes and sizes, below is  a partial selection of films for Pride of the Ocean’s Seattle to Alaska cruise on August 1-14, 2015. Please consider joining us, not only to see the films, but to meet, socialize and make new friendswhile experiencing the majesty of the Alaskan wilderness.

The true delight of the trip was… the friends we made on the cruise.
– George Gustines, The New York Times



charlie is the story of a young man who suddenly can’t speak after leaving his abusive past behind him. Alone on Christmas EveCharlie stumbles upon a loving environment where perfect strangers accept him as one of their own. Starring Shawn Ryan(Bones), Jim O’ Heir (Parks and Recreation), Mo Collins (MADtv), and Golden Globe Nominee Andrea Marcovicci.



30 Years of Women’s Week in Provincetown


Following the world premiere of her film Letter to Anita on Pride of the Ocean in 2014, Andrea Meyerson returns with an exclusive sneak peek of her unfinished work in progressClambake, which introduces us to the many funny ladies, such as comedians Kate ClintonSuzanne WestenhoeferVickie Shaw and the local Provincetown businesswomen who helped to create Women’s Week, the success of which paved the way for the numerous other summer festivals for which Provincetown is now famous.

Trans Lives Matter!

Justice for Islan Nettles


Filmmaker Seyi Adebanjo tells the story of a community vigil for Islan Nettles, a murdered transgender Womyn of Color. During the vigil, her naturelifelove and oppression within the Queer community suddenly and sharply come into focus.

Under Construction

Two men meet on the street after a long estrangement


In a chance meeting, Jonathan and David innocently begin  catching up on each other’s livesloves, and losses. When  the conversation takes  an unexpected turn, a shared memory reconnects them in unforeseen ways, in this film written and acted by  Brad Griffith.

The Chanticleer

A webnovella inspired by 1950’s lesbian pulp fiction





Filmmaker Becky Lane brings us The Chanticleer, a fun, sexy, romp through mid-century U.S. culture. The series takes us to 1955 Ithaca, New York as Edie Chaucer returns home to inherit the family bar following the death of her father. Inspired by 1950’s lesbian pulp fiction novels.

While only 2 episodes of the 1st season are public, Season 2 wrapped filming earlier this year. An exclusive sneak peek of the 2nd season is planned for our Alaska cruise.





Sex Date

A case of mistaken identity gone right 


In the film Sex Date, by John Sobrack, we find Randall searching for refuge from the streets and the police. He collides with Kenton, who invites Randall inside, mistaking him for his awaited on-line hook-up. The two men, lost in their own ways, find comfort in each other’s company and form a connection.

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