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President of Transgender American Veterans Association to address Trump’s Ban on Pride of the Ocean

As we prepare to mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the beginning of the modern LGBT rights movement, we must recognize that the LGBT community continues to be attacked.  On Pride of the Ocean, we will honor those Stonewall Era Veterans who 50 years ago led the way for the fight for LGBT civil rights.  But we recognize that more has to be done, especially in this era of right wing attacks on the community.  Recently, President Trump banned Transgender Americans from the military.  Will that actually happen?  That is why Pride of the Ocean is honored to have on board to speak about the ban (and any repercussions from the planned Supreme Court rulings concerning the ban), Evan Young (Major, retired) of the Transgender American Veterans Association.  What is this ban about and what can we do to help reverse these attacks and damage being done on Transgender Military Service personnel?


Major (Ret.) Evan Young
National President
Transgender American Veterans Association
Major (Ret.) Evan Young is a retired Army officer and National President of The Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA). A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, he is a graduate of Northwestern State University of Louisiana with a Bachelors Degree in English. He also earned a Masters Degree in Management Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University and has a graduate business certificate from the University of Michigan-Flint. Major Young is the former President of the Board of Directors for the Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition (ArTEC),


On Pride of the Ocean, as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots,we will also honor those who have fought for the country and the LGBT community.  On board the Norwegian Dawn, on our way from New York to Halifax Canada, we will be  presenting  a special tribute along with our partner Women on a Roll for Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer (Ret.).   We are inviting  LGBT veterans to join us in this tribute.  We will have a special discount for any Veteran who wants to join us on Pride of the Ocean’s Stonewall 50 cruise this coming Gay Pride month June 8th to 15th sailing from New York City.   (Veterans receive $150 off your cruise package!!). Click here to learn more.

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A Veteran’s Day Welcome to Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer!

Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer

to be

Honored Guest on Pride of the Ocean


Pride of the Ocean has a longtime partnership with Women on a Roll and Andrea Meyerson. With Andrea’s help, we are thrilled to announce that Colonel Margarethe 
Cammermeyer, famous for serving in the National Guard and successfully challenging the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the United States, will be joining our cruise celebrating LGBT Military Veterans and Veterans of the Stonewall Revolution June 8 – 15, 2019. Pride of the Ocean and Women

on a Roll will be honoring Colonel Cammermeyer for her extraordinary service to the United States of America and her service to the LGBT community at a special cocktail party for our guests, which you are cordially invited to!

Colonel Cammermeyer’s story of her legally overturning her honorable discharge for being a lesbian, and serving as one of the few openly gay or lesbian people in the U.S. military while the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy was in effect, until her retirement in 1997 was told in the 1995 film, “Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story“, starring Glenn Close and Judy Davis, based upon Colonel Cammermeyer’s autobiography of the same name.



“We are your daughters, your sisters, your sons, your nurses, your mechanics, your athletes, your police, your politicians, your fathers, your doctors, your soldiers, your mothers. We live with you, care for you, help you, protect you, teach you, love you, and need you. All we ask is that you let us. We are no different. We want to serve, like you. Need love, like you. Feel pain, like you. And we deserve justice, like you.”
– Margarethe Cammermeyer

On this Veteran’s Day, to learn more about how you can meet Colonel Cammermeyer in person and personally thank her for her years of service to our country and the LGBT community, please click on the button below to learn more about our upcoming 50th Anniversary of Stonewall cruise.

Click to Learn More About Our 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Cruise

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Stonewall Means Fight Back!


Stonewall Means Fight Back.  And that is what our invited panelists did at the time of Stonewall.  History was being made. Allen Young (activist/author)  brings together an amazing group of Stonewall Era Pioneers on board Pride of the Ocean  to recount how they were part of an young and energetic Gay and Lesbian rights movement that changed forever the landscape of sexual politics and the world.  The present LGBT movement is stronger today because of this important early workby pioneers. Meet our panelists below.
Allen Young was co-editor with Karla Jay of “Out of the Closets: Voices of Gay Liberation” (1972) and other gay-themed books, as well as author of his just-published autobiography, “Left, Gay & Green: A Writer’s Life.”  He participated in the 1960s in the New Left and the anti-war movement, and more recently in environmental …
click to read more
Charlotte Bunch, Founding Director of the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL), Rutgers University, has been an activist, writer and organizer in feminist, LGBT, and human rights movements for over 4 decades.  Bunch was a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in DC, where she was one of the founders of Washington DC Women’s Liberation in 1968 and of The Furies Lesbian … click to read more
Michela Griffo, MFA, MSW, started her political life by becoming a member of the Redstockings after witnessing, at the age of 16, a close friend almost die of an illegal abortion. Michela was one of the first twelve members of The National Organization for Women. She is also a Visionary member of the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art; and as an artist continues to create politically provocative …
click to read more
John Knoebel was a high-profile member of New York City’s pioneering Gay Liberation Front, after which John pursued a career in gay publishing in California and New York. He served as a senior executive of The Advocate and OUT magazine for over 33 years. After retiring from publishing, he co-created the LGBTQ oral history site: and co-edited the book..
 click to read more
Let us honor our history and history makers.  Join us on Pride of the Ocean’s Stonewall 50 Festival on board the Norwegian Dawn sailing from the site of the Stonewall Uprising — New York City, this coming June Pride Month (June 8th to June 15th ) as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. For each cabin booked, we will be donating $100 to the invited non-profit of your choice. Details below.


The Pride of the Ocean 2019 “50th Anniversary of Stonewall” cruise is now on sale, but only for a limited time.  Sailing with Norwegian Cruise Lines onboard the Norwegian Dawn  from June 8 – June 15, 2019, 8‐day, 7-night we set sail from New York to Canada & New England.

Below please find the corresponding booking form with all the details, which is also available online at If you’d prefer a more personal touch, our cruise associate Geisha Cumberbatch would be happy to talk with you on the phone to find you the perfect cabin for this important Pride of the Ocean cruise, where booking your cabin can even benefit one of our invited non-profits with a $100 donation. Click on one of the non-profit links or images below to learn more.

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