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After the Inauguration, Time to Reinvent the Wheel and the Reel

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Michael Gorlick brought his first film, COMING OUT: A REVOLUTIONARY ACT, to Pride of the Ocean’s 2014 Bermuda cruise. Also on that cruise was fellow Pride of the Ocean filmmaker, Casper Andreas, who was screening his film, A LAST FAREWELL.

Not the first and hopefully not the last time a film has emerged from two people meeting for the first time on Pride of the Ocean, Michael and Casper went on to collaborate on Michael’s next film, REINVENTING THE REEL, in which Casper appears. The film went on to screen at The Cannes Film Festival, where Casper (left) and Michael (right), are shown in the above photograph.

According to the Contact Hypothesis Theory, the more times a viewer sees/interacts with a minority in film (preferably in varied depictions), the less prejudice they will have towards that group. In light of the election, impending inauguration and legislation, it is more important than ever to embrace this theory.


REINVENTING THE REEL is a documentary short about contemporary independent film-makers’ attempts to change the portrayal of LGBT characters in film. The film begins with a historical perspective of the big-studio Hollywood treatment of LGBT characters, shows how that portrayal has changed, and why it is important that it continues to change. The documentary follows the journey of Casper Andreas, an American independent film-maker, as he directs and produces KISS ME, KILL ME a murder-mystery feature film about a group of characters in West Hollywood who happen to identify as LGBT.


Click here or on the image below to watch the trailer for the film, then check out the Upcoming Cruises link above to learn how you can meet Michael on our Eastern Caribbean cruise.


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