Before Homosexuals Preview



Pride of the Ocean’s 2015 Alaska cruise guests were treated to a sneak peek  of a work in progress excerpt of John Scagliotti‘s upcoming documentary film, Before Homosexuals, the anticipated prequel to his classic 1984 film Before Stonewall.


(L-R) Director, John Scagliotti, with editors Christopher Dawes and HB Lozito answering questions from the audience following the Before Homosexuals sneak peek screening on Pride of the Ocean’s 2015 Alaska Cruise.

Before Homosexuals reveals a rich legacy of LGBT history and artwork dating from 2000 BC until 1900 AD, much of which has only come to light in the past decade, due to the research efforts of LGBT scholarsover 30 of whom are interviewed in the film, accompanied by lush visuals of artwork and artifacts illustrating the concepts of the film.



Guests on our 2015 Western Mediterranean cruise will not only be treated to a sneak peek of the full Before Homosexuals film, but will also have the privilege of meeting some of the scholars interviewed in the film, who will be accompanying us on the cruise. Scheduled guests to date include Bernadette Brooten, Ph.D., a MacArthur Fellowship award recipient and Fulbright Scholar who discovered ancient lesbian love spells inscribed on oval-shaped lead tablets.

The love spell is actually in the category of what are called binding spells. They are spells to bind another person to yourself. So you call upon a, the what we would call the Soul of a person who has died, to come and bind another person to go forth and grab another person and bind the person to you. So one woman tries to get the person into the bathhouse and bind her to her. So they’re very sensuous.


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